OPEN : 09:30 AM TO 5:30 PM



  • Do buy tickets and keep with you and produce when asked.
  • Do come to the Park to get recreated and recharged.
  • Do spend sufficient time in observing animals and their behavior.
  • Do spread awareness on animals to your friends and associates.
  • Do read the information on the display board.
  • Do give information to the park authority regarding in vandalism and threatening the safety of animals.



  • Do not tease and disturb animals.
  • Do not throw stones, offer food to animals.
  • Do not cross barricades of any of the animal enclosure.
  • Do no smoke and consume alcoholic drinks inside the park.
  • Do not litter inside the park premises.
  • Do not play music and tease animals by mimicking their sound.


Winners of Wildlife Week 2017


Photography competition First place: Vineeth Kumar .K Research student, Applied Zoology, Mangalore university Second place: Apul Alva Ira Vijayavani News Third place: Sathish Infosys Mysore Drawing competition Below 1st std First place: Sanvika St Agnes School Second place: Havish. J Mahalingeshwara English Medium School Third place: Hasmini Hasmith Raj Cambridge School 2nd to 4th std First place: Akhil Sharma Chinmaya School,Mangalore Second place: Anvith H Canara higher primary school Third place:Sinchana St Aloysious English Medium School 5th to 7th std First Place: Mokshith Suresh Delhi public school,MRPL Second place: Anoop A Kendriya Vidyalaya Third place: Ayush .Y Canara Urwa 8th to 10th std First place: Ananaya. H Canara School, Urva Second place: Athul Shet Canara school, Dongerkery Third place: Saathvik Kanachur public school College students: First place: Danya S Sanil Sharada pre university Second place: Kushi P Kunder First PUC Third place:Deeksha.P.S Brilliant PU College Fancy dress competition Below 1st std First place: Snithik Kids paradise Second place: Riya liana gomes Cambridge School, Mangalore Third place: Calen Lobo St Raymonds school 2nd to 4th std First place: Grahith G prabhu Sharada vidyalaya Second place: Anvisha Shubhodaya Vidyalaya, Mangalore Third place: Naithik Sharada Vidyalaya 5th to 7th std First Place: Gagan G Prabhu Sharada Vidyalaya Second place: Shreya Revankar Canara school Third place: Prakruthi Maroor Excellent School

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